MLR Wins Jury Verdict in First-Party Insurance Coverage Trial

MLR Wins Jury Verdict in First-Party Insurance Coverage Trial

This week, MLR attorneys Andy Lauersdorf and  FJ Maloney received a defense verdict in favor of MLR client Special Distrcits Association of Oregon (“SDAO”).  The case, captioned Coos County Airport District v. Special Districts Insurance Services Trust of the Special Districts Association of Oregon, Coos County Case No. 14CV1340, which was tried before a Coos County jury, involved a claim for breach of contract arising from a fire to the main airport hangar owned by the Plaintiff and insured through a coverage document underwritten by SDAO.  The parties’ sole dispute was the size and value of the underlying 6-inch unreinforced concrete hangar slab that was destroyed in the fire.  SDAO’s position was that it had amply paid all amounts due and owing and owed nothing more.   The Plaintiff alleged that SDAO should pay the full cost of replacing the hangar slab with a fully-reinforced 10-inch concrete slab because it was the “functional equivalent” of the pre-existing concrete slab, a difference of approximately $350,000.  Following the three-day trial, the jury deliberated for one hour before returning a verdict in favor of SDAO, finding no breach of contract.

MLR’s attorneys are experienced trial attorneys that frequently represent clients in insurance coverage matters, including cases involving first-party property claims.  Please contact us with any questions about this matter, or any other matter you see addressed on the Insurance Coverage Blog.

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