Nick McGuffin Civil Rights Lawsuit – Complaint & Press Release

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The attorneys at Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner, PC have collectively taken over 200 cases to trial and regularly handle multi-million-dollar complex litigation. They represent both plaintiffs and defendants in the investigation and litigation of complex cases involving fraud, arson, and human trafficking in Oregon, Washington, and throughout the country.

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Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner has significant experience representing clients in all aspects of litigation. Our attorneys have collectively taken over 200 cases to trial and regularly handle multi-million dollar complex litigation. Our practice areas include complex commercial disputes, insurance coverage/bad faith, traumatic injury, victims’ rights, and high-stakes litigation.

Litigation and Trials

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of lawsuits for both plaintiffs and defendants, and have taken scores of cases through trial and verdict.

Insurance Disputes

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in insurance claim disputes and coverage investigations through trial and appeal.


Our trial attorneys work closely with the appellate lawyers to ensure that our client’s appellate rights are fully protected throughout the lawsuit and positioned to win on appeal.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys recognize that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, such as mediation, arbitration, and appraisals.

Traumatic Injury & Victims' Rights

Our attorney's technical expertise supports working with experts as well as emotional support working with clients.

Insurance Practice Areas

Extra - Contractual insurance claims, Property and Homeowner's insurance, Automobile insurance, Commercial insurance, Specialty insurance and more.

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