MLR Files Civil Lawsuits against Stars Cabaret after Sexual Exploitation of Minors

MLR Files Civil Lawsuits against Stars Cabaret after Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner filed two civil lawsuits on behalf of two female victims  against Stars Cabaret and its owners for physical and emotional distress damages after sexual exploitation at a local strip club.  These lawsuits follow an investigation and formal civil rights charges pending before the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

One victim was 13-years-old when she was sexually abused by a Stars Cabaret manager who compelled her to work as a prostitute.  The other victim was 15-years-old when the club compelled her to dance fully nude for adult men.  The civil complaints highlight the fact that the club and its owners profited from the exploitation of these young girls.

Investigation through BOLI has already discovered that, after police had arrested one of the Stars’ Beaverton managers on charges of sexual abuse and compelling prostitution of the 13-year-old victim, the club induced the other 15-year-old female victim to work as a nude dancer.

Investigation has also revealed that the club owners failed to supervise the managers and staff to prevent the exploitation of young girls.  They also failed to vet forms of identification and prevent sexual abuse by staff and customers.

The victims are represented by attorneys Anthony Reiner and Janis Puracal of Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner PC, and Joel Shapiro of the Law Office of Joel Shapiro.

“These were very young girls that were taken advantage of.  There is no excuse for what happened to them,” says attorney Anthony Reiner.

The civil lawsuits seek at least $4 million per victim with specific amounts to be proven at trial.  The victims’ identities are shielded to protect these vulnerable minors.  The lawsuits run parallel with the pending BOLI charges, but will hold the clubs owners and managers liable for the full range of harm they inflicted on these two vulnerable victims.


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