Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA)

One of the extra-contractual insurance claims that the attorneys Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner litigate numerous times each year is a claim for violation of the Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act, which is more commonly referred to by the acronym IFCA.  Our attorneys’ substantial experience litigating IFCA claims means we have the ability to quickly and competently identify any potential legal or factual issues presented by an IFCA claim.  Our attorneys’ familiarity with the issues allows us to develop the appropriate strategy to achieve the best results for our clients.

The IFCA, which was passed by Washington voters in 2007, provides a claim against an insurance company when an insured is “unreasonably denied a claim for coverage or payment of benefits.”  An insured that is successful on a claim under the IFCA is entitled to recover actual damages, attorney fees, and the costs of litigation.  In addition, the court may award a successful insured up to triple actual damages depending on application of the claim handling standards set forth in the Washington Administrative Code.  The attorneys of Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner are knowledgeable about all of the various aspects of litigating a claim under the IFCA, including determining whether the insurance company’s conduct was reasonable under the circumstances, considering damages available to the insured, and analyzing application of the Washington claim handling standards considered by the court in determining whether enhanced damages should be awarded.

The enhanced damages available under the IFCA means these claims are often highly contentious.  This fact emphasizes the need to have experienced and accomplished counsel that is prepared to effectively advocate your interests.  We are prepared and well-equipped to aggressively represent our clients’ interests in litigation involving claims made under the IFCA.

Please contact us with any questions about claims for violation of the Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA).