Insurance Bad Faith

The trial attorneys at Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner have earned a reputation as the “go-to” firm for insurance bad faith litigation.  Our strong track record of success in litigating insurance bad faith claims has been earned as a result of the numerous favorable verdicts at trial and on motion we have received on behalf of our clients over the years.  Although the majority of our experience comes from Washington, our lawyers have litigated insurance bad faith claims throughout the United States.  During our years of combined experience in litigating insurance bad faith claims, our attorneys have developed the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively represent our clients’ interests.

A claim for insurance bad faith is a tort claim that allows an insured to recover damages above and beyond what is available under the insurance policy.  An insured that succeeds in establishing that an insurance company acted in bad faith may recover, with some exceptions, damages that were caused by the bad faith conduct.  It is not uncommon for the damages alleged as a result of an insurance company’s bad faith exceed the amount of damages available under the insurance policy.

Typically, a claim for insurance bad faith is based on an insured’s allegation that the insurance company delayed in handling a claim, denied or underpaid a claim, failed to adequately explain the coverage available under the policy, or forced the insured to bring litigation to recover under the policy.  In Washington, insureds frequently rely on potential violations of the Washington Administrative Code provisions relating to an insurance company’s obligations in handling claims.  While an insured may bring an insurance bad faith claim for a number of different acts or omissions, the ultimate questions in Washington and most other jurisdictions is whether the insurance company acted reasonably under the circumstances.  Although that question may seem simple and straightforward, insurance bad faith litigation frequently becomes very complex and challenging, which underscores the importance of having experienced trial counsel.

Our lawyers have an exceptional breadth of knowledge and experience in litigating insurance bad faith claims in a variety of circumstances, including under homeowners, renters, commercial, and automobile insurance policies.  In our years of litigating insurance bad faith claims, we have developed the deep understanding necessary to effectively and efficiently identify the legal and factual issues that commonly arise and formulate the best possible litigation strategy to effectively represent our clients.  Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

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