Extra-Contractual Insurance Claims

The trial attorneys at Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner have successfully represented clients in hundreds of lawsuits involving extra-contractual insurance claims, including claims for insurance bad faith and other statutory-based claims.  During our years of experience, we have obtained favorable trial verdicts, motion rulings, and settlements on behalf of clients involved in extra-contractual insurance litigation.  With our strong track record of success, our attorneys have well-deserved reputation throughout the Pacific Northwest as providing outstanding legal representation.  Our familiarity with the issues associated with extra-contractual claims provides the lawyers of Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner with the perspective necessary to understand the complexity and nuance associated with every case.  It also allows us to quickly and efficiently identify the key issues and formulate a strategy to successfully and aggressively advance our client’s position.

Extra-contractual insurance claims seek damages above and beyond what is available under the insurance policy and often significantly increases the value of the lawsuit.  The availability of enhanced damages underscores the importance of having legal counsel with a history of achieving positive results on behalf of its clients.  Extra-contractual insurance claims are frequently based on allegations that the insurance company has improperly handled a claim, including that the insurance company delayed in adjusting or paying a claim, misrepresented the terms of the insurance policy, failed to pay a sufficient amount on a claim, or incorrectly denied a claim.

The ability to successfully litigate these extra-contractual claims requires a thorough understanding of how insurance claims are handled.  Given Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner’s exclusive focus on insurance coverage litigation, our lawyers are highly knowledgeable about the legal standards for adjusting insurance claims.  We frequently apply that understanding on behalf of our clients to achieve exceptional results.

The majority of our experience in handling extra-contractual insurance claims comes from Washington, which recognizes claims for insurance bad faith, and violations of the Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA) and Consumer Protection Act (CPA).  With that experience, we have developed an intimate understanding of the legal and factual issues associated with Washington extra-contractual litigation.  Although the majority of our experience comes in Washington, our attorney have been able to apply the same principles when representing clients in extra-contractual litigation in jurisdictions throughout the country.

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